Working on dietary differences of brackish and freshwater sea catfish populations in Panama, Feb. 2019, with graduate student Janay Fox.

Biomuseo, Panama-City

Panama's past and present faunal diversity

Casco Viejo from Cerro Ancon

Casco Viejo

Cane Juice

sugarcane juice production in Parita, Panama

giant tick

Gigantic tick

fish eggs

fish eggs

my friends found a new home in the touch pools in Punta Culebra, Panama

Collecting fin clips from yellow perch and log perch in Qu├ębec, Canada, 2018, with Sarah Sanderson.

Sampling site Saint-Anicet


Yellow perch

Yellow Perch

Young longnose gar

beach seining

Fieldwork in Panama for the collection of freshwater and marine Cathorops tuyra (sea catfish, family Ariidae), summer 2018.

Barro Colorado Island field station

Rio Santa Maria, Panama

Chagres River

My valued helpers.

Panama Canal

Early morning fishing.

Cathorops tuyra

My focal species: Cathorops tuyra.

Juvenile Bagre panamensis in Parita Bay, Panama.

An auchenipterid from Rio Santa Maria that supposedly didn't make the jump over the Darien to Panama. Yet here it is.

Acclimatization phase @NAOS/STRI

That sea catfish is larger than the shark.

Looking for catfish.

Pipeline Road, Panama.

Who needs fancy fishing rods?

An adventure for everyone.